Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Pinning!

A year ago I had no idea what "Happy Pinning" meant. I didn't realize how this new verb "pin" could help me be such a better cook, crafter, and home decorator! I have been off work for a few weeks recovering from surgery (blog to follow on that topic) so I have been buuusssssyyyy pinning away making tons of fall themed crafts and goodies! My new favorite things are those layered hurricane glass creations, so I have made two of those. One with Halloween candy (that someone keeps stealing the candy corn off the top) and one with beans and popcorn! I am so sad about going back to work tomorrow. It has a way of totally sucking away all of my creative time. It does pay the bills though so I guess I can't complain. So until I have another break, I'll just keep on Pinning!

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