Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Last Bit of Halloween!

 I have been meaning to get these pumpkin patch and trick or treating pictures up for a few weeks. We  had a great time at the pumpkin patch with Tory, James, and Juliana. The only problem was that it was like 90 degrees that day! It is so hard to get in the whole fall harvest mood when everyone is sweating to death…..but we had a fun time anyway!

It was so cute that Susanna found the cow named Susie Q!

Susanna with cutie pie Juliana!

Ok...I am not sure how to rotate this...just turn your head to the side!


He couldn't wait to get back to the hay ride!
 We spent our traditional Halloween night at Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony’s house! We ate hot dogs and chili and went around to a few houses in their neighborhood. We did promise the kids that we would try to get home in time for them to maybe catch up with a few of their neighborhood friends, so we came home and took them around for a little while too! All in all, it was a really fun night. I was so glad that Steven was home. Those kind of nights are exhausting when he is at work and I am trying to manage all three of them by myself.  I am already planning their costumes for next year. I think they are ready to be a little less “cartoonish”…and a little more “spookyish”…but not too spooky. I am not talking about blood dripping from mouths kind of spooky.  I am thinking about a friendly little witch (not the one with a green face) for Susanna, a little mummy for Connor, and a ghost for Aiden (of course a totally Casper-like ghost)! We’ll see! I have a whole year to convince them! Anyway, back to this year, I think the Bat Family will go down as one of my most favorite years! There were so stinking cute…if I do say so myself! J

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This Looks Like a Concussion Waiting to Happen!

Aiden has really been on a roll with the green face at school, so as a reward, we bought him a skateboard. Not really feeling too sure about this, Steven assured me that he had a skateboard at Aiden’s age….then he promptly pointed out the scar on his forehead that he got from a skateboard accident. He seemed almost proud of it…I am not feeling any better about this. He did take some time to teach Aiden all the rules and some tips on how to fall. I just pretended to understand that there was a need to teach him HOW to fall. I thought NOT falling was the whole point.  See how much I know!

Excuse me...but I think you are a little too big for that mister!

He's just a little upset that he didn't get a skateboard!

Mmmm Hmmm....already trying to be a hotshot!

I think this is the "learning how to fall" lesson in action!

He's got it now
Oh yes! Big smiles until he comes in bleeding from his head injury!

You Just Have to Watch This!

Last spring, Susanna created (ok…with just a little help) the most adorable little tribute to her baby brother. She entered it into her school media festival competition. It won at the school level and advanced to the county level, then to the state level, and we were elated to recently find out that it just won in her division at the international competition. It is truly jus the sweetest little project! I wanted to share it with you all! I am sure it will be something that we watch again and again as they grow up!