Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Chiefs and Kitt

So I think I have decided to share my most current pictures on my blog instead of Facebook. I mean do all 285 of the people that I have known off and on for 31 years really care to be bothered with 400 pictures of my husband and kids? Probably not! On another note, I am so proud that I am up to 285 people!I need to rustle up 15 more people so I can get in the 300 club! 

So for the real reason for this post, I took some cute picture of the kids and Steven today with some of the things that they got for Christmas. Steven has been wanting a Chiefs jersey for a while now, and I found a really great one for him online. I just didn't really realize that it was coming from Shanghei and wouldn't be here in time for the big day when I ordered it. Nevertheless, it came today and he was SO super happy! It is a throwback of one of his favorite players who died a few years ago. I also searched Ebay and found jerseys for Aiden and Connor so those are what he actually unwrapped on Christmas day. 

I also took a couple of pictures today of Susanna and Kitt. They were all matching and adorable in their little purple dresses! Yes, I made them matching hair bows....laugh if you must!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who is that whizzing by?

Wow...I have spent the last three days charging motorized devices that Santa brought to our house! They ride...I charge...they ride some more..I put them back on the charger! I am insiting that we go to the mall or somewhere tomorrow where nothing needs to recharge to have fun!

Just Call Us The Green Family!

Well, here we are nearing the end of 2010. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the progress of one of my New Year’s Resolutions. No, not the “lose 40 pounds” resolution (we all know how that turned outJ!), but my promise to myself to start a Cox Family recycling program.  We were in the midst of moving out of our house when we rang in 2010, so I got a late start to my recycling project, but by mid-April as we were getting all settled in to our new house,  it was in full swing. If you have visited me anytime since then, you have already seen my little recycling center in our garage because I probably proudly showed you just after you arrived! But, for those of you who haven’t stopped by, feel free to get inspired by my progress. We are nowhere near making our own compost and growing our own food, but I feel like we are making a step in the right direction to reducing the size of our carbon footprint (I really have no idea what that means, but it sure sounds awesome).  Now I just have to get my better half on board. I have actually found myself digging through the garbage can to rescue tin cans and cardboard containers that he has trashed. One step at a time…. J

This is my storage rack! You can see that I had good intentions of keeping things sorted...and that just didn't work out! I had way more plastic containers than newspaper so I just gave up the sorting! It still works out fine!

 <>  Susanna and Aiden love going to the recycling center to help sort out all the things that we brought!

This is what the van looks like when we load our family of 5's recyclables!

I just thought Steven's Maker's Mark bottle looked cool in the it was in jail.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010!

We had just the perfect day! Susanna even came over to me after we were all finished opening up our presents and whispered in my ear, "This is the best Christmas ever!". I just thought to myself, "mission accomplished!". That made all the late night shopping and wrapping sprees totally worthwhile! I am always so especially thankful on the years that Steven is able to be home with us. It just isn't the same when he has had to spend Christmas at the fire station.
You know this will be the first and last time they ride a little four wheeler through the kitchen!

Nothing like throwing on some shoes and trying out your new toy while still in your jammies!

Love the sneakers with the night gown!

Susanna and Kitt!

If you turn your head to the left, you will see Connor jamming to Susanna's new MP3 player!

Connor loving his new "beep bus"!

Christmas 2010!

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Susanna  was in her very first dance theater production on December 19th. She auditioned back in September and has been practicing 2-3 days each week since then.  It is always so rewarding to watch her perform. She was one of the smallest little ballerinas on the stage! I am so proud of how hard she worked. With such a rigouous practice schedule, she really had to make some hard choices and commit to attending all the rehearsals. Beyond just the dancing, I really think that she really leared some valuable lessons being a part of such a large production.
This is her in her cosutme for the "present" scene!

She was also one of the Cratchit family!

She was also in the Navity Angel dance! Just gorgeous!

Getting Roses from Daddy!