Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet My Peeps!

So,  I have this annual Easter tradition. For some reason, I just can’t resist buying the cute little packages of pink, yellow, purple, and blue Peeps. I bring them home where they sit untouched on the kitchen counter until about a week Easter, and then I throw them away unopened and completely intact.   No one in my house, including myself, can stand to actually eat them. This year, however, I had a little inspiration and came up with an idea to make the puffy little guys a little more interesting for my kids.  What, you ask, was my inspiration?

I spent about two weeks searching everywhere for a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to be able to make the Rice Krispie treats with the chocolate ears for Connor’s birthday party.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t ever able to find the cookie cutter, but the idea creeped over into something I could make for my sweet little Peeps…..
A Peep Pop!

Here is what you will need for your Peep Pops:
Pastel Sprinkles
Your favorite color Peeps...the little flat guys.

Candy melts...and lollipop sticks (forgot to take a picture of those!)


  1. The first step is the most awkward. You have to poke the lollipop stick about halfway up the bottom of the Peep.
  2. Next, melt your chocoloate wafers. I use the 50% power setting on my microwave and heat them up in 30 second intervals - stirrig in between.
  3. Dip about half of the Peep into the melted chocoloate . You want to dip him far enough so that his little eyes and nose are covered with the chocolate. Let the excess chocoloate drip off.
  4. Poke a hole in a styrofoam with the lollipop stick and then add the sprinkles.
  5. The Peeps will take about 30 minutes to dry completely.
  6. Wrap your Peep in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon. ENJOY!!!