Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Routines in our New Life in Japan

So if you knew me just a few short months ago, you would know that on any given day, as we are leaving our house for work/school in the morning, someone was likely to be missing a shoe, bookbag, jacket, or homework assignment.  My have things have changed for me since we are now getting settled in to our new home and routines here in Japan. I had to share this whole morning lunch packing process as a great example. Since Connor is attending Fuji Yochien ( - It, of course, is in Japanese, but if you click on the dates in the pink box on the right column you can see their montly newletters. You need to first look for the class in the red hats and then for the little tiny pale face with blonde hair...and that will be Connor!!), I am now packing his lunch in true bento style. Mind you, I am still a total bento amatuer, but I am getting a little better and better each week.

So here is the skinny on how the bento box came into my life....I was absolutely unaware when we registered Connor for school that I couldn't/shouldn't just pack him a PB&J, bag of grapes, and juice box in a cute little Power Ranger lunch box and send him off to school. While at a fun play date with a new friend and fellow Fuji School mom, she asked me if I had been shopping yet for the things I will need to pack Connor's lunch. "Things I need like Ziplock bags and maybe a thermos," I ask. She gives me this curious look like she knew my life was about to change, and said, "Lets run up to the mall and I will show you!" Off we went and holy moly was I in the a shocker. We picked up all the basics and she told me other places to go for rice presses, decorative foil, fun toothpicks for friut kakobs, silicone cups, and a million other things that I didn't even know exsisted. I came home and did exactly what anyone else in this situation would do...googled bento box! I am, in no way, creating rice balls that look like the entire cast of Sesame Street like you will see online, but I am making some progess. I decided if I was going to have to do this over the top lunch preparations for one child...I might as well do it for all three! The best part of all is that everyone is coming home with empty bento boxes everyday!

That is just a quick story of the preparations, the packing is a whole different story! I think I finally have it down!