Saturday, July 23, 2011

La La, LaLaLaLa, Sing A Happy Song

Well, this has yet again turned into another moment when I am possibly more excited than the kids about an upcoming movie. They have watched the Smurfs a few times, but I am the big Smurf nerd in this house! The Smurf movie comes out next weekend (in 3D!!!), and when I heard that Build A Bear had the Smurfs, my two favorite childish indulgences collided! Even though I had had the week from you know where and a cold, we hurried into Savannah last night after I got off work so the kids could pick out and bring home their very own Smurf! It was so worth it! We took JoAnna and Amy (our little neighbor friend) and had a Smurftastic (I already warned that I am an the Smurf nerd) time! I am looking so forward to the movie next weekend that I can't hardly stand it. I have such sweet memories playing with my little mushroom playhouse and dreaming that I would someday be as gorgeous and captivating as Smurfette, and wondering if people really lived to be 543 years old like Papa Smurf. I am sure that the pesky Azreal is probably even the reason why I have never cared for cats! My funniest story about the Smurfs is one that Steven will never let me forget. So, we apparently didn't get a color television in my house until I was about 5 or 6. By then I was well into my Smurf additiction! I woke up eager every Saturday morning to watch them, and my world was changed forever when dad turned them on in color. I shouted in pure amazement, "MOM....The Smurfs are BLUE!!!". A fact everyone else in the whole world probably already knew....except me. My love for the Smurfs was pure....even without knowing their three apple tall bodies were really blue!