Sunday, March 11, 2012


After hours and hours and months and months of practice, we arrived in Jacksonville Friday afternoon excited to support Susanna and all the girls from Life Moves Dance Studio as they competed for the very first time as a studio. We met at the auditorium Friday night to go over some last minute details with her teachers, and they suprised the girls with Life Moves jackets. It was really a special moment for them. They have been practicing so hard as a team, and to see them all in their matching jackets talking and giggling, just sealed the deal! I couldn't have been any more proud of them! Susanna's dances won first place in both of the division's they were entered, and the overall winner for her age group for their jazz dance "Ease On Down The Road".

The "Ease On Down The Road Girls" Friday night so super excited!

Susanna and her buddy Carlee all dressed and ready to go before their ballet "Appalachain Springs".

Susanna and Gabby hold the Life Moves sign ready to cheer Carlee on as we waited for the solo awards to begin.

This is my favorite picture of the day!

"Appalachain Spring" ballet
What a beautiful group of girls...inside and out!

She was very proud to see her toe pointed in this picture.

My "not so" Cowardly Lion ready for her "Ease On Down The Road" performance

It just doesn't get any cuter than this! They were a huge hit with the crowd!

I was biting my nails at this part. She did a cartwheel chest roll combo.

Really working her acting skills here!
The girls with their trophy!

Susanna and her favorite scarecrow - Savannah!

The girls with Ms. Teresa. Ms. Teresa has been Susanna's teacher since her very first dance class....when she was 2 1/2!
So proud of my little girlie!