Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Night To Remember with My BGE Fam!

After a long and emotional last week of work at Button Gwinnett Elementary School, I had the opportunity to spend some time celebrating and remembering some of my most favorite memories with some of my most favorite colleagues.  It was truly such a special night and I feel so blessed that each of them took the time from their busy schedules to spend some time with me.   We laughed, we cried, and then we laughed some more until we cried!  Several times as we were all sitting there together, I found myself looking at all of them at the table and wondering if I will ever work with such amazing people again.  It made me so sad to think that that could be the last moment that I may ever be with all of those people at the same time.  I love each of them so much, and just felt like the luckiest girl in the world that they took the time to celebrate my time with them at BGE. It was a perfect ending to a really wonderful chapter of my life.
( is a bit awkward for me that I am in every single picture. Being that I am usually the one behind the camera, it feels strange to post these! I guess it is my one moment to have it all about ME!) Beanum and Hoffie. I love these two so much. We had to take this pic like 3 times becasue Beanum kept whispering inappropriate things under his breath! Lol! I am going to miss you both so much!

This is Dr. H presenting me with a placque from the staff. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to put it on my new desk. It says, "Merilee Cox - In appreciation of your many years of loyal service, for giving of yourself, for always going that extra mile, for the fun, the laughter and the support you gave us all. We'll never forget you! Button Gwinnett Elementary School - January 28, 2011" I'll never forget you guys either! Love you!

The pic is a little fuzzy but, yes, you are seeing it correctly.....they busted out with a Vera Laptop Case for me to start my new job with. OMG....they aren't going to be able to tell me anything at this new job when I come sashaying in with my new Vera!

Here we are at the long table!

Me and Campbell...after 7 years, she told me that she was just staring to like me! LMAO!!!

My Tara....I can't wait to start texting the whole True Blood hour with ya girlie!

CHANNADY!!! I love you both. Go get 'em girls!

Mrs. Williams and I!

Sweet Danielle! She is a newbie to our staff, but one I know will be going big places in her career.

Becky and Patrick...It wasn't a sad goodbye with these two because I will see them every week at Mass!

Shana and Baby Johnny!

Dr. H and Mrs. Arnold....the office gals! I will certainly miss all of laughs and crazy moments in the front office!

Ahh.....these two...I am certinaly going to miss seeing evey day. Tory and Summer were my first two friends at BGE. I love you girls!

No event would be complete without the picture of Tory holding something! Lol!

Tiff and Daughtry...such sweeties! Tiff and I actually went to high school together, but it wasn't until fate landed us together again at BGE that we became such good friends. I will miss all of our converstions about the mother of 3 club!

....and my Steven. He has been such a blessing to me through this whole process. I couldn't have asked for anyone to be more supportive and encouraging as I prepared to make this transition. I love you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye Old Friend!

We said goodbye to an old friend last Saturday night. It was a bitter sweet occasion for all of us, and as the final moments approached we couldn’t really believe that it was happening. After 7 years of vacations, trips to the beach, bringing home both our boys from hospital, countless food and drink stains, and 147,000 miles, we said goodbye to our sweet Sienna.  Let me just tell was time. The salesman even said that they would likely have to aution it for "spare parts". Whether that was true or part of his pitch, I am not sure, but he was not hurting our feelings at all. Steven's favorite thing to say about the condition of the interior was, "It looks like an episode of CSI was filmed in here!".  We paid it off two years ago and continuted to drive it saving us so much money. It was worn down, but paid for, and truely good to us all those years.

It was after 8:00 pm, we were all exhausted, and no one had eaten dinner, but we were smiling big! 

After doing some test driving,  and spending 4 hours of Steven negotiating with the salespeople (while I kept all 3 kids entertained at the dealership...ugghhhh), we decided to go with the cute and sporty Camry! I know what you are thinking…."How are they fitting all those kids in a Camry?" Though it isn’t common for a family our size to downsize when it comes to automobile choices, we were just ready for something not as bulky and more fuel efficient. After all, the van had really just turned into an extension of the family room. I had to spend time each weekend unloading shoes, jackets, library books, and all manners of things that the kids left behind. The Camry is “just right”. There are enough seat belts for everyone, but not extra room for them to junk it up. I am LOVING it so far.
Isn't she pretty?

Monday, January 17, 2011

News Haircuts!

So, I took the boys to get very much needed haircuts today. Aiden is in this crazy this spikey phase, and Connor acted the complete fool as usual during the whole process. Thank goodness that the stylist was patient! He and I both left the salon covered in hair and totally exhausted! But, man on man, does ever look like a big boy now! It makes me so sad to see the transformation from shaggy and curly haired little baby to neat and trim toddler.
Since Steven is working today, I wanted to send him a picture of the new do’s.  I followed the two of them around the house for 15 minutes begging for them to “smile” or “stand still” and you can see the best of what I got.  I couldn’t get either of them to sit still and look directly at me, but I got some cute outtakes!! :)
Connor is looking at me, but Aiden...not quite!

Now  I have a perfect shot of Aiden, but Connor has spotted a Zhu Zhu pet that he wants to go after!

They are being the spikes? Lol!

Look out, Yeye (what Connor calls Aiden) I think he has you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Years Day Cruise

Happy New Year! We had a fun cruise today in Savannah. No, not a cruise in the Carribean sense...more of the pedal your own self kind! We packed up all the bikes and helmets this morning and headed to Forsyth Park. We rode all around our beautiful historic city and even had lunch at the Five Guys on Bay Street! It felt good starting the new year off being outside and active (shh....then we came home and played Super Mario Brothers for like 4 hours on the Wii). 

Don't they look like the daddy and baby ducks!

We saw this HUGE barge coming into the harbor.

Speaking of ducks....Lol!

This looks more like it should have been taken in October, doesn't it?

This is a beautiful tree in Forsyth Park!

I just loved this pic...I love the shadow of the tree...the Spanish Moss..and how little Con looks amongst it!

Our lunch destination!

Con fell asleep on the bike ride!

You could see the ticker tape and smell the champagne from the celebration last night on River Street!

I am so looking forward to all that 2011 has in store!