Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Today was definitely a two steps back kind of a day. After traveling 11 hours home and getting in after midnight last night, I was up bright and early unpacking and doing laundry. Since the realtor comes in the morning to lot the house, I had TONS to do to get it more presentable. I chose to tackle our master closet first. I have been working on this plan in my head about how I should handle our clothes until we leave. You wouldn't believe that this would be such an issue, but planning for 5 people is pretty huge. I decided if I could get my closet totally emptied, I would have enough room to put in place this laundry basket system that I wanted to try. Basically everyone as 2 laundry baskets for clean clothes until we leave. One basket will contain school/work clothes and the other is for PJ's and "home" clothes. It worked out pretty well except Susanna and I ended up needing 4 baskets instead of 2, I was able to get a system set up and do tons of sorting of other clothes to be packed and sent to goodwill. I also started a color coded system for the movers. Green tags mean that the item(s) are going in the HHG shipment and yellow tags mean that the items are going in the UB (unaccompanied baggage) shipment. (See picture below) I feel pretty good about that accomplishment, but there still so much to do. Next stop....craft room!

Remember I mentioned how we had found a home for little Max? Well, here is my "two steps back" moment today. I guess the family that adopted him from us felt hat he was a little more responsibility than they had bargained for. I'm still really not sure about that, but nevertheless, Max is back with us tonight and I have to start all over again for a home for a home for him. The kids were pretty good about him coming back. Of course they were so happy to see him, but I took several opportunities to remind them that he is only ours again temporarily.

They have honestly been such good sports about this whole moving process. Their flexibility and willingness to accept change is really inspiring. I know they can't fathom how extreme of a move this really is, but they are still just taking everything in stride. I'm really so proud of them.

Hopefully tomorrow (actually today because I asleep writing this last night) will be a huge leap forward. We have some interest in the Camry and the realtor is coming list the house. I am praying that she has some leads on families that may be interested in it. Selling/renting the house and Camry will take a million pounds of pressure off of us and we may actually enjoy these last 28 days. Who am I kidding? No one says "move to a new country" and "enjoy" in the same sentence.

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